Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Workshop classes remotely?

No, we are a full-residency program and do not offer remote--learning classes.

Can I study in both genres?

You will be able to take seminars in both poetry in fiction, but workshops are limited to the genre in which you are admitted.

Is it true that you will not consider genre fiction?

It isn't. Our students write in a wide spectrum of genres, though most fiction writers focus on fiction for adults. The best thing you can do is to submit your best work.

Do you require GRE scores?

We do not require GRE scores. Admission to the Workshop is based, above all else, on the creative work you send us.

I'm worried about the mail. What if my manuscript doesn't arrive in time?

If we receive your upload by December 15th, we will consider your application submitted on time and will ensure that it will be reviewed. Please send an email to if you know for a fact that your manuscript will not arrive by mail (if it was returned or if mail service is unavailable due to extenuating circumstances).

How will I be notified of your decision?

We are still old-fashioned and send all formal decision letters by mail through the U.S. post office. If you have not received a letter by March 15th, you may email to request a digital version. We do sometimes reach out to applicants by phone before their letter arrives, but everyone receives a decision in the mail.

Why does my manuscript not yet appear as "acknowledged" in the online portal?

We will start to acknowledge applications in late October. If you know your manuscript has arrived in our office but it does not yet appear as "acknowledged" in our system, it is simply because we receive a lot of manuscripts and it takes us time to get to all of them. If you sent us a manuscript but it still is not marked as "acknowledged" by January 7th, please email and let us know.

My letters of recommendation have not come in yet, and it's after the deadline. Should I worry?

The deadline for letters of recommendation is January 20.  Your recommenders will still be able to upload a letter after that, so if you are missing one, please ask them to submit a letter ASAP. If we notice that we are missing a necessary part of your application, we will reach out to you.

Do I have to apply for financial aid?

There are forms we ask you to fill out as part of your overall application to the Workshop that have questions that relate to funding, but there is not a financial aid application as such.

Are international students eligible for the same funding as students from the U.S.?

All Writers' Workshop students receive the same amount of funding, either through fellowships or assistantships or a combination of the two. We are deeply indebted to our donors for enabling us to make funding stipends equal for all students and, with their help, we do our best to make sure that all students are able to attend the program if accepted. In recent years, international students have made up nearly a quarter of our class.

When will I hear about my admissions status?

If you haven't heard from us by March 15th, you may email and request an email decision letter.

If I am not admitted, can I apply again?

Of course! In fact, it is not uncommon for students to be admitted on their second or third time applying.

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