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Each year, Writers' Workshop alumni and faculty publish nearly 100 books across genres. The Glenn Schaeffer Library and Archives houses a full collection of alumni and faculty books. The most recent of these publications are represented here, organized by publication year and then alphabetically by author. We are always updating this list.

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The Arrival of Rain, by Adedayo Agarau

The Arrival of Rain 
Adedayo Agarau 
February 1, 2024 | Poetry

Bad Animals, by Sarah Braunstein

Bad Animals 
Sarah Braunstein 
March 19, 2024 | Fiction

Broughtupsy, by Christina Cooke

Christina Cooke 
January 23, 2024 | Fiction

The Teller's Cage, by John Philip Drury

The Teller's Cage 
John Philip Drury 
January 23, 2024 | Poetry

Ghost Mother

Ghost Mother 
Kelly Dwyer
August 6, 2024 | Fiction

The Sky Was Ours, by Joe Fassler

The Sky Was Ours 
Joe Fassler 
May 1, 2024 | Fiction

Malas, by Marcela Fuentes

Marcela Fuentes 
June 4, 2024 | Fiction

The Gunman & the Carnival, by Catherine Gammon

The Gunman & the Carnival 
Catherine Gammon 
February 6, 2024 | Fiction

Anita de Monte Laughs Last, by Xóchitl González

Anita de Monte Laughs Last 
Xóchitl González 
March 5, 2024 | Fiction

Starmen, by Francis Hamit

Francis Hamit 
February 14, 2024 | Fiction

The Great Divide, by Cristina Henríquez

The Great Divide 
Cristina Henríquez 
March 5, 2024 | Fiction

Are You Prepared for the Storm of Love Making? Letters of Love and Lust from the White House, by Dorothy Hoobler and Thomas Hoobler

Are You Prepared for the Storm of Love Making? Letters of Love and Lust from the White House 
Dorothy Hoobler and Thomas Hoobler 
February 6, 2024 | Nonfiction

Splinters, by Leslie Jamison

Leslie Jamison 
February 22, 2024 | Memoir

Burn Man: Selected Stories, by Mark Anthony Jarman

Burn Man: Selected Stories 
Mark Anthony Jarman 
January 16, 2024 | Fiction

Rose Mask, by Jared Joseph

Rose Mask 
Jared Joseph 
April 23, 2024 | Literary Nonfiction

Homefront, by Victoria Kelly

Victoria Kelly 
January 30, 2024 | Fiction

The Story of Your Obstinate Survival, by Daniel Khalastchi

The Story of Your Obstinate Survival 
Daniel Khalastchi 
March 1, 2024 | Poetry

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem, by Nam Le

36 Ways of Writing a Vietnamese Poem 
Nam Le 
March 5, 2024 | Poetry

The Road from Belhaven, by Margot Livesey

The Road from Belhaven 
Margot Livesey 
February 6, 2024 | Fiction

Wish Ave, by Alessandra Lynch

Wish Ave 
Alessandra Lynch 
October 1, 2024 | Poetry

Death Styles, by Joyelle McSweeney

Death Styles 
Joyelle McSweeney 
April 2, 2024 | Poetry

How to Disappear and Why, by Kyle Minor

How to Disappear and Why 
Kyle Minor 
May 28, 2024 | Essays

Oye, by Melissa Mogollon

Melissa Mogollon 
May 14, 2024 | Fiction

The Blue Maiden, by Anna Noyes

The Blue Maiden 
Anna Noyes 
May 14, 2024 | Fiction

We Were Girls Once, by Aiwanose Odafen

We Were Girls Once 
Aiwanose Odafen 
April 25, 2024 | Fiction

Ward Toward, by Cindy Juyoung Ok

Ward Toward 
Cindy Juyoung Ok 
March 1, 2024 | Poetry

Neighbors and Other Stories, by Diane Oliver

Neighbors and Other Stories 
Diane Oliver 
February 13, 2024 | Fiction

Do the Work, by Megan Pillow and Roxane Gay

Do the Work 
Megan Pillow and Roxane Gay 
June 1, 2024 | Nonfiction

The Fertile Earth, by Ruthvika Rao

The Fertile Earth 
Ruthvika Rao 
August 13, 2024 | Fiction

mother, by m.s. RedCherries

m.s. RedCherries 
July 16, 2024 | Poetry

Quarterlife, by Devika Rege

Devika Rege 
September 10, 2024 | Fiction

Come and Get It, by Kiley Reid

Come and Get It 
Kiley Reid 
January 30, 2024 | Fiction

There Is a Rio Grande in Heaven, by Ruben Reyes Jr.

There Is a Rio Grande in Heaven 
Ruben Reyes Jr. 
August 6, 2024 | Fiction

Big Time, by Will Schmitz

Big Time 
Will Schmitz 
March 13, 2024 | Fiction

The Selected Shepherd : Poems, by Reginald Shepherd

The Selected Shepherd : Poems 
Reginald Shepherd 
April 1, 2024 | Poetry

So Tough, by Jared Stanley

So Tough 
Jared Stanley 
March 15, 2024 | Poetry

Also, the Cat, by Rachel Swirsky

Also, the Cat 
Rachel Swirsky 
January 10, 2024 | Fiction

Digging Stars, by Novuyo Rosa Tshuma

Digging Stars 
Novuyo Rosa Tshuma 
July 16, 2024 | Fiction

PlayHouse: Poems, by Jorrell Watkins

PlayHouse: Poems 
Jorrell Watkins 
April 15, 2024 | Poetry

Green for Luck, by Margaret Yapp

Green for Luck 
Margaret Yapp 
April 23, 2024 | Poetry

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