Additional Degree Options at The University of Iowa

The Program in Creative Writing confers only the M.F.A. degree. However, it is possible for unusually well qualified students in the Department of English Ph.D. program to obtain permission to submit a creative dissertation for that degree. In such a case, all application and course work deadlines and requirements are those of the English Department's Ph.D. program, and the Program in Creative Writing assumes responsibility only for granting permission to do the creative dissertation and approving it once it is completed. 

An applicant interested in the University of Iowa English Department's Ph.D. with creative dissertation should:

1. Request information on the English Department's Ph.D. program from Director of Graduate Study, Department of English

2. After being admitted to the Ph.D. program in English, send a manuscript (which should be a portion of the work intended for the creative dissertation) to the Program in Creative Writing, indicating clearly that he or she is applying for permission to do a creative Ph.D. dissertation. (For specific requirements regarding manuscript submissions, see Admissions Requirements.)

While the standards for admission to the M.F.A. program are formidable, those for approval of the creative dissertation are more so. Denial of a manuscript for the creative dissertation does not jeopardize that person's candidacy for the Ph.D. with scholarly dissertation or for the M.F.A program in writing.