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Each year, Writers' Workshop alumni and faculty publish nearly 100 books across genres. The Glenn Schaeffer Library and Archives houses a full collection of alumni and faculty books. The most recent of these publications are represented here, organized by publication year and then alphabetically by author. We are always updating this list.

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The Birthday of the Dead, by Rachel Abramowitz

The Birthday of the Dead 
Rachel Abramowitz 
March 31, 2022 | Poetry

The Return of Faraz Ali, by Aamina Ahmad

The Return of Faraz Ali 
Aamina Ahmad 
April 5, 2022 | Fiction

Hyperphantasia, by Sara Deniz Akant

Sara Deniz Akant 
September 27, 2022 | Poetry

The Deep Limitless Air, A Memoir in Pieces, by Mary Allen

The Deep Limitless Air, A Memoir in Pieces 
Mary Allen 
May 10, 2022 | Memoir

Tangled: Romantic Suspense with a Twist, by Blair Babylon

Tangled: Romantic Suspense with a Twist 
Blair Babylon 
March 8, 2022 | Fiction

The Deceptions, by Jill Bialosky

The Deceptions 
Jill Bialosky 
September 6, 2022 | Fiction

Esoteric Cults of the American Soul, by Jerimee Bloemeke

Esoteric Cults of the American Soul 
Jerimee Bloemeke 
July 1, 2022 | Poetry

Defenestrate, by Renée Branum

Renée Branum 
January 25, 2022 | Fiction

The Family Chao, by Lan Samantha Chang

The Family Chao 
Lan Samantha Chang 
February 1, 2022 | Fiction

Activities of Daily Living, by Lisa Hsiao Chen

Activities of Daily Living 
Lisa Hsiao Chen 
April 12, 2022 | Fiction

Dearth and God's Green Mirth [Audio], by Cody-Rose Clevidence

Dearth & God's Green Mirth [Audio] 
Cody-Rose Clevidence 
July 13, 2022 | Poetry

Groundskeeping, by Lee Cole

Lee Cole 
March 1, 2022 | Fiction

Quarry's Blood, by Max Allan Collins

Quarry's Blood 
Max Allan Collins 
February 22, 2022 | Fiction

Star Lake, by Arda Collins

Star Lake 
Arda Collins 
April 1, 2022 | Poetry

The Truth About the Sun, by Jamie Cooper

The Truth About the Sun 
Jamie Cooper 
March 25, 2022 | Poetry

Gravity Hill, by Susanne Davis

Gravity Hill 
Susanne Davis 
September 13, 2022 | Fiction

The Recruit, by Alan Drew

The Recruit 
Alan Drew 
June 14, 2022 | Fiction

Boys In Exile, by Richard Duggin

Boys In Exile 
Richard Duggin 
June 10, 2022 | Fiction

Radioman: Twenty-Five Years in the Marine Corps, by Andrew Hesterman and Robert Einaudi

Radioman: Twenty-Five Years in the Marine Corps 
Andrew Hesterman and Robert Einaudi 
April 8, 2022 | Memoir

The Machine Stops [opera], by Cecile Goding (Librettist) and John Lake (Composer)

The Machine Stops [opera] 
Cecile Goding (Librettist) and John Lake (Composer) 
July 30, 2022 | Opera

Olga Dies Dreaming, by Xochitl Gonzalez

Olga Dies Dreaming 
Xochitl Gonzalez 
January 4, 2022 | Fiction

Mercy Street, by Jennifer Haigh

Mercy Street 
Jennifer Haigh 
February 1, 2022 | Fiction

Catching the Light, by Joy Harjo

Catching the Light 
Joy Harjo 
October 4, 2022 | Memoir

Oblivion: An After Autobiography, by Robin Hemley

Oblivion: An After Autobiography 
Robin Hemley 
June 1, 2022 | Fiction

The Tiltersmith, by Amy Herrick

The Tiltersmith 
Amy Herrick 
April 5, 2022 | Fiction

Endless Summer: Stories from Days That Last Forever, by Elin Hilderbrand

Endless Summer: Stories from Days That Last Forever 
Elin Hilderbrand 
October 4, 2022 | Fiction

MissSettl, by Kamden Ishmael Hilliard

Kamden Ishmael Hilliard 
April 1, 2022 | Poetry

Don't Look at Me, by Charles Holdefer

Don’t Look at Me 
Charles Holdefer 
October 15, 2022 | Fiction

The Kingdom of Sand, by Andrew Holleran

The Kingdom of Sand 
Andrew Holleran 
June 7, 2022 | Fiction

The Unfolding, by A.M. Homes

The Unfolding 
A.M. Homes 
September 6, 2022 | Fiction

Still Life, by Jay Hopler

Still Life 
Jay Hopler 
April 5, 2022 | Poetry

Search, by Michelle Huneven

Michelle Huneven 
April 26, 2022 | Fiction

Disbound, by Hajar Hussaini

Hajar Hussaini 
November 21, 2022 | Poetry

God's Children Are Little Broken Things, by Arinze Ifeakandu

God's Children Are Little Broken Things 
Arinze Ifeakandu 
June 7, 2022 | Fiction

Notes From The Road, by Mike Ingram

Notes From The Road 
Mike Ingram 
March 15, 2022 | Memoir

Chasers, by Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira 
March 22, 2022 | Poetry

The Last Chairlift, by John Irving

The Last Chairlift 
John Irving 
October 18, 2022 | Fiction

Life Is Everywhere, by Lucy Ives

Life Is Everywhere 
Lucy Ives 
October 4, 2022 | Fiction

Touch Anywhere to Begin, by Mark Anthony Jarman

Touch Anywhere to Begin 
Mark Anthony Jarman 
September 20, 2022 | Essay

Thank You, Mr. Nixon, by Gish Jen

Thank You, Mr. Nixon 
Gish Jen 
February 1, 2022 | Fiction

A Book About Myself Called Hell, by Jared Joseph

A Book About Myself Called Hell 
Jared Joseph 
February 15, 2022 | Fiction

Billie Starr's Book of Sorries, by Deborah E. Kennedy

Billie Starr's Book of Sorries 
Deborah E. Kennedy 
October 4, 2022 | Fiction

Hist, by Matthew Klane and James Belflower

Matthew Klane and James Belflower 
September 1, 2022 | Poetry

The Little Witch's Guide to Backyard Magic, by Heather Knox

The Little Witch's Guide to Backyard Magic 
Heather Knox 
July 19, 2022 | Nonfiction

The Haunting of Hajji Hotak and Other Stories, by Jamil Jan Kochai

The Haunting of Hajji Hotak and Other Stories 
Jamil Jan Kochai 
July 19, 2022 | Fiction

It got so dark, by Benjamin Krusling

It got so dark 
Benjamin Krusling 
December 1, 2022 | Poetry

A Ribbon The Most Perfect Blue, by Christine Kwon

A Ribbon The Most Perfect Blue 
Christine Kwon 
March 31, 2022 | Poetry

Planet Drill, by Jessica Laser

Planet Drill 
Jessica Laser 
December 1, 2022 | Poetry

Nightwork, by Lauren Levin

Lauren Levin 
December 1, 2022 | Poetry

Sound Fury, by Mark Levine

Sound Fury 
Mark Levine 
November 16, 2022 | Poetry

The Book of Goose, by Yiyun Li

The Book of Goose 
Yiyun Li 
September 20, 2022 | Fiction

Daemon Blood, by Mary Maddox

Daemon Blood 
Mary Maddox 
January 9, 2022 | Fiction

The Long Corner, by Alexander Maksik

The Long Corner 
Alexander Maksik 
May 17, 2022 | Fiction

Very Cold People, by Sarah Manguso

Very Cold People 
Sarah Manguso 
February 8, 2022 | Fiction

Mercury Pictures Presents, Anthony Marra

Mercury Pictures Presents 
Anthony Marra 
July 19, 2022 | Fiction

May Tomorrow Be Awake: On Poetry, Autism, and Our Neurodiverse Future, by Chris Martin

May Tomorrow Be Awake: On Poetry, Autism, and Our Neurodiverse Future 
Chris Martin 
August 9, 2022 | Nonfiction, Essay

All This Could Be Different, by Sarah Thankam Mathews

All This Could Be Different 
Sarah Thankam Mathews 
August 2, 2022 | Fiction

The Hero of This Book, by Elizabeth McCracken

The Hero of This Book 
Elizabeth McCracken 
October 4, 2022 | Fiction

2184 ½, by Thomas C. Jackson and Fritz McDonald

2184 ½ 
Thomas C. Jackson and Fritz McDonald 
December 1, 2022 | Fiction

Third State of Being, by Cassidy McFadzean

Third State of Being 
Cassidy McFadzean 
January 1, 2022 | Poetry

Life's Work: A Memoir, by David Milch

Life's Work: A Memoir 
David Milch 
September 13, 2022 | Memoir

Tomorrow I Become A Woman, by Aiwanose Odafen

Tomorrow I Become a Woman 
Aiwanose Odafen 
April 28, 2022 | Fiction

Things They Lost, by Okwiri Oduor

Things They Lost 
Okwiri Oduor 
April 12, 2022 | Fiction

Harry Sylvester Bird, by Chinelo Okparanta

Harry Sylvester Bird 
Chinelo Okparanta 
July 12, 2022 | Fiction

Free Clean Fill Dirt, by Caryl Pagel

Free Clean Fill Dirt 
Caryl Pagel 
September 13, 2022 | Poetry

Maybe It's Me: On Being the Wrong Kind of Woman, by Eileen Pollack

Maybe It’s Me: On Being the Wrong Kind of Woman 
Eileen Pollack 
January 25, 2022 | Memoir

The Latinist, by Mark Prins

The Latinist 
Mark Prins 
January 4, 2022 | Fiction

Our Dark Academia, by Adrienne Raphel

Our Dark Academia 
Adrienne Raphel 
September 27, 2022 | Poetry

Night Is This Anyway, by Robin Reagler

Night Is This Anyway 
Robin Reagler 
March 15, 2022 | Poetry

American Massif, by Nicholas Regiacorte

American Massif 
Nicholas Regiacorte 
May 1, 2022 | Poetry

Painting Beyond Walls, by David Rhodes

Painting Beyond Walls 
David Rhodes 
September 13, 2022 | Fiction

Bassinet, by Dan Rosenberg

Dan Rosenberg 
February 16, 2022 | Poetry

Child Bed Fever, by Kelly Rowe

Child Bed Fever 
Kelly Rowe 
November 28, 2022 | Poetry

The Seaplane on Final Approach, by Rebecca Rukeyser

The Seaplane on Final Approach 
Rebecca Rukeyser 
June 7, 2022 | Fiction

ryman, by Christian Schlegel

Christian Schlegel 
October 4, 2022 | Poetry

Six Walks, by Ben Shattuck

Six Walks 
Ben Shattuck 
April 19, 2022 | Memoir, Essay

The Very Last Interview, by David Shields

The Very Last Interview 
David Shields 
March 29, 2022 | Memoir, Essay

I'll Show You Mine [film] 
David Shields [writer] 
April 16, 2022 | Film, Fiction

You Have a Friend in 10A 
Maggie Shipstead 
May 17, 2022 | Fiction

April 5, 2022 | Poetry

The Tin Nose Shop 
Don J Snyder 
July 1, 2022 | Fiction

Endlessly Ever After 
Laurel Snyder 
April 19, 2022 | Fiction

Breaking Bread: Essays from New England on Food, Hunger, and Family 
Debra Spark and Deborah Joy Corey (eds.) 
May 24, 2022 | Essay

The World of Pondside 
Mary Helen Stefaniak 
April 19, 2022 | Fiction

The Six-Minute Memoir: Fifty-Five Short Essays on Life 
Mary Helen Stefaniak 
October 25, 2022 | Memoir, Essay

January Fifteenth 
Rachel Swirsky 
June 14, 2022 | Fiction

A Map for the Missing 
Belinda Huijuan Tang 
August 9, 2022 | Fiction

Mother Country 
Jacinda Townsend 
May 3, 2022 | Fiction

The Immortal King Rao 
Vauhini Vara 
May 3, 2022 | Fiction

Historically Black: American Icons Who Attended HBCUs 
Alonzo Vereen 
December 6, 2022 | Nonfiction

They Can Take It Out 
Cheryl Clark Vermeulen 
March 1, 2022 | Poetry

Dragonfly. Toad. Moon. 
Mary Jane White 
April 9, 2022 | Poetry

The Grievers' Group (eBook) 
Richard Wiley 
May 28, 2022 | Fiction

A Peculiar People 
Steven Willis 
April 5, 2022 | Poetry

Mouth to Mouth 
Antoine Wilson 
January 11, 2022 | Fiction

The Plea: The True Story of Young Wesley Elkins and His Struggle for Redemption 
Thomas Wolf and Patricia L. Bryan 
July 21, 2022 | Biography

Stella Wong 
March 15, 2022 | Poetry

The Real World 
Emma Winsor Wood 
January 1, 2022 | Poetry

Candice Wuehle 
March 22, 2022 | Fiction