Film Screening of Kon Kon, Q&A with Cecilia Vicuña

February 16, 2019 - 3:00pm
Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building

For this Headroom Screening Series event, Cecilia Vicuña, a Spring 2019 Ida Beam Distinguished Visiting Professor, will present her film, the "documentary poem" Kon Kon, and discuss it afterwards.

In the documentary poem, Cecilia returns to Con Con beach, the birthplace of her art in Chile, where the sea is dying and an ancient tradition is being wiped out. Con Con, facing Aconcagua the tallest mountain in the Western hemisphere, has a cultural heritage going back thousands of years. Over centuries, the "sonido rajado", a powerful and unique sound emerged. Revisiting the site, she explores the connections between her art and the ancient music and oral traditions while witnessing to the ecological and cultural destruction of place.